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Study Title Researcher Duration
Eyewitness Recognition Study 3 Dr Andrew Brand   5 minutes
Estimating from Memory Dr Andrew Brand   1 minute
Rating the Attractiveness or Dominance of Men Study Sarah Evans   5 minutes
Eyewitness Identification from a Video Study Dr Andrew Brand   2 minutes
Eyewitness Recognition Study 2 Dr Andrew Brand   5 minutes
Face Recognition Study Dr Andrew Brand   5 minutes
Eyewitness Recognition Study Dr Andrew Brand 10 minutes
Estimating Chance Events Study Dr Ulrike Hahn   5 minutes
Decision Making about Fertility Issues Survey Dr Jacky Boivin 15 minutes
Causal Chain Study Prof Peter White   5 minutes
"What does this mean?" Study Dr Merideth Gattis   2 minutes
Eyewitness Identification Study Dr Michael Lewis   5 minutes
Latent Inhibition Study Dr Mark Good 12 minutes
Causal Inference Study Dr Marc Buehner 30 minutes

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